at the Nürburgring 24-Hour Race

Date: 15. May 2018
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The RONAL GROUP lined up on the starting grid once again between May 10-13 with Team Schirmer and Pirelli for the ADAC 24-Hour Race on the world’s longest track at the Nürburgring. Alongside five racing cars equipped with our wheels were some of our colleagues from different locations.

Just like last year, we supported the Schirmer racing team with forged SPEEDLINE CORSE wheels in Racing Gold. The results were clear to see, with three of the cars achieving their objective.

Once again, more than 150 employees from the RONAL GROUP, Team Schirmer and Pirelli chose to play an active part on and around the racetrack, cheering the team on through changing weather conditions, including bright sunshine, rain and fog. Whether in the team tent, the two-story exhibition pavilion, the box or the VIP spot at the so-called Antoniusbuche – smooth teamwork everywhere made the days spent at the Nürburgring a resounding success for the team. Our employees at the “Grüne Hölle” (Green Hell) share their experiences with us here:

Robin (RONAL GmbH, Germany):

“Having the chance to be an integral part of a racing team was an amazing, breathtaking and incredibly intense experience! Of course, a huge amount of effort went into the event at every level, but in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment the successful outcome more than made up for it! I would really love to be an active team member again any time, giving my all to help achieve the best possible result together with the rest of the team!”

Steven (RONAL AG, Switzerland):

“I was in the wheels and tires team, in other words I was responsible for making sure that the racing cars always had fresh “soles”. Although the 24-hour race was very hard work at times, I thought it was a fantastic event. As a “racing newbie”, being an active part of Team Schirmer was an amazing experience for me. It was great fun! My personal highlight was the general team spirit of RONAL and Pirelli. It was just fantastic how everyone made their own contribution and all pulled together as a team.”

Esther (RONAL AG, Switzerland):

“I had a brilliant emotional few days. Everyone’s team spirit was fantastic. I am proud to have been part of Team Schirmer. I helped out at the bar and it was great being able to chat with international employees in different languages. I spent my free time in the drivers’ paddock, the pit lane and on the starting grid. Highlights came thick and fast all through the event. Just being there was totally amazing!”

Antonio (RONAL Ibérica SAU):

“The experience of being hands-on at the 24-hour race and having the chance to be part of the team was fantastic – the atmosphere, emotions, nervousness before qualifying… My job was to look after the wheels and tires for our car, whose starting number was 51. I mainly spent my free time looking around the drivers’ paddock. It was an amazing experience that every motor sports fan should have at least once in their life. It is tough going 24 hours without sleep and at times it was very rainy, wet and foggy. But it was great being part of this one big family!”

Martin (RONAL AG, Switzerland):

“It was the first time in my life I’d been at a race. The whole atmosphere with all the spectators, cars and background noise was an overwhelming experience. Being part of the whole thing and working actively with a racing team was super exciting. Everyone showed great team spirit and right from the start we worked side by side with all the participants!”