Dual training at

RONAL AG in Härkingen

Date: 27. February 2019
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The international RONAL GROUP offers young people solid training in a range of different careers in commerce and technology. Lejla (19) is currently in the third year of her commercial apprenticeship at the RONAL AG headquarters in Härkingen. We asked her a few questions.

Lejla, what led you to apply to RONAL AG?

When I was in secondary school, I already knew that I wanted to train in commercial administration. I was accepted for apprenticeships at several companies, but in the end I chose RONAL AG. It is an innovative company and I could feel that it was the right place for me when I came for a visit. The apprentice trainers were very friendly and I knew after the two-day visit that I would accept if they offered me an apprenticeship.

Which areas have you worked in?

In the three year apprenticeship we have the opportunity to spend time in six departments. In the first term, I was on Reception which I really enjoyed because you get to know all the RONAL AG staff and familiarize yourself with important administrative procedures. After that I was in Purchasing where I helped to order various hardware items. In the third term, I was in Aftermarket/Sales where I took orders from customers and processed them. The work there was very varied and interesting. It was harder to get into than in the other departments as it’s very technical but you need this knowledge so that you can advise the customers properly. Afterwards, I learnt about dispatch and was allowed to draw up manufacturing orders for the Production department. I spent the fifth term in the Marketing department where I helped with trade show preparations. I really liked it there, as the work was very varied. Finally, the apprentices visit the Finance department. The work I did there was extremely helpful for my final Accountancy exam.

Have you had a particularly enjoyable experience in your time here?

When I was looking for an apprenticeship, it was very important for me to find somewhere where I would be looked after and supported and that was the case at RONAL AG. I’ll take away great memories of this company. Thanks to the excellent support, I’ve learnt a lot at RONAL AG and I really appreciate that. Overall, I’ve experienced several highlights during my apprenticeship; the whole time has been wonderful.

What is your favorite RONAL wheel and why?

I like lots of the RONAL GROUP wheels, but the RONAL R62 with its different color variations and the RONAL R57 are my particular favorites. I like the R62 because it’s different from the other wheels and is so versatile. You can change the color of the designer trim again and again and choose from red, blue, green or no trim at all.

Would you recommend other young people to apply here?

Absolutely. The apprentices are very well looked after throughout their three years of training. RONAL AG supports us both at school and at work which is a big advantage. RONAL AG apprenticeships cover a lot of ground and are very interesting. Getting to know different departments in the company is obviously a benefit in planning your future. And also, the apprentices are well looked after and feel appreciated; you really are treated as a member of the team.

Lejla with the SPEEDLINE CORSE SL6 in bronze-matt-front diamond cut