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The RONAL GROUP continuously strives to improve the materials and energy efficiency of its products. We therefore invest heavily in the research and development of sustainable wheels. The best example of this is the RONAL R60-blue. It is the first automobile wheel to be designed and manufactured according to sustainable principles and with regard for the entire life cycle – from material provision through design development, production and transport to disposal. With this innovation in terms of sustainability, the RONAL GROUP is spearheading a new environmentally friendly generation of wheels.


This characterizes the RONAL R60-blue wheel:

  • Made in Germany
  • Manufactured using 100% green power
  • Short transportation distances
  • Weight reduction of up to 600 g per wheel
  • Reduced fuel and energy consumption
  • 20% lower CO2-emissions1
  • At least 3300 km of CO2-neutral driving2
  • 50% less solvent in coatings
  • Accessories packed at regional workshops for the disabled
  • Ideal for use with low-resistance tires

1 during material production and the manufacturing process
2 with a mileage of 150000 km

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