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Dual training in Härkingen

Date: 7. July 2020
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Each year in the summer, the RONAL GROUP offers young people trainee positions in various technical and commercial professions. Suruthy, 19, is currently wrapping up her training as a management assistant, spending her final few days in the Marketing department at RONAL AG in Härkingen. In this interview, she tells us what she liked about her traineeship and which challenges she faced in the last few months in these extraordinary circumstances.

Suruthy, what led you to apply to the RONAL GROUP? Why did you opt for a business traineeship?

Firstly, I applied to the RONAL GROUP because I’m very interested in cars, and secondly because the RONAL GROUP is a global company, meaning I could use my language skills, like English, which is my favorite language. I opted for a business traineeship because I enjoy working on computers and with languages especially. For me, it was the perfect basic training, opening up lots of doors and ultimately letting me decide how to move forward.

What areas did you become acquainted with at the company?

First I worked at the front desk and completed administrative tasks. After that I was in Purchasing where I ordered small hardware. In my third semester, I processed customer requests in the Sales department. After that, I worked in the Production Planning department (“AVOR”), where I ordered our materials and tools. In my fifth semester, I processed invoices in the Finance department, and finally I supported the Marketing department.

How was it for you working and learning over the past three years? How did you handle everything thrown at you?

I gained a great deal of experience and also grew as a person. I met great people in the RONAL GROUP and was given interesting tasks. Sometimes they were a bit complicated, but I still enjoyed doing them as I am very curious and willing to learn. And when things got tough, I always managed to keep my calm and not to get stressed.

How do you like the automotive industry?

I was already interested in cars before I began my traineeship. So, I had a lot of fun working in the automotive industry and was able to learn lots of new things too. Since I began working for RONAL AG, it became clear to me how important it is to produce good wheels for cars, as they are critical to driver safety.

What is your favorite wheel from RONAL or SPEEDLINE CORSE and why?

My favorite wheel is the SPEEDLINE CORSE SC1. I really like multi-spoke wheels in general because they have a sporty look. Plus, the golden color makes the wheel even more attractive and interesting. One day when I finally own my favorite car – the Audi RS7 in black – I plan to order SC1 wheels.

What special challenges did you face because of corona? How did your traineeship schooling take place? What was it like working from home?

For school, I had to hold presentations online. It was a bit strange and I didn’t find it to be as personal as it is when you’re standing right in front of people. At the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we got an email containing review assignments, and later on the vocational school set up an online platform for all its students. From then on, we had class video calls to get information from our teachers. This year, final exams were canceled due to COVID-19. That means our final grades are made up of our grades from the first to fifth semesters at school, along with the grades from the training facility.

At first, working from home was very convenient because I didn’t have to commute by car for about two months and saved on gas. But over time I began to miss the social contact with my colleagues and was glad to return to the office, instead of staying home.

Your traineeship is just about over. Do you already have concrete plans for what comes next?

I would like to gain more work experience and then complete advanced training. But the current situation makes it extremely difficult to find a suitable position nearby.

Would you recommend other young people to apply here?

Yes, absolutely. Trainees can expect excellent support over the three year traineeship both from the school and the company. You get a good insight into different and interesting departments. Later, you can choose which path you’d ultimately like to take. Trainees are treated like “normal” employees here and are welcomed by every team.

We wish Suruthy all the best and good luck for the future!