“Past meets future”: RONAL GROUP

at the Essen Motor Show 2019

Date: 4. December 2019

As in the past years, the RONAL GROUP is once again attending the Essen Motor Show, the greatest tuning spectacle of the year, from November 29 to December 8. There is lots going on at our booth in hall 7, this time expanded to include a special anniversary area!

As every year, we have once again brought a wide selection of our greatest RONAL and SPEEDLINE CORSE wheels along for the ride. For the first time at the trade show, we present the RONAL R9, featured in our new illuminated showcases as part of the popular Classic range. Besides current designs from the SPEEDLINE CORSE range, we are also showing two racing wheels exclusively for motorsport. To date, these wheels have won 83 FIA World Championship titles in Formula 1, the World Rally Championship, World Rally Cross Championship, Super Touring and GT Racing!

One special highlight this year: our six fashion wheels – existing designs with a new look. This means our SPEEDLINE CORSE SL8 is featured in bronze diamond cut, while our SC1 appears with a colorful reflective surface in turquoise and purple, refined with innovative chrome paint. Another variant of the SC1 features bolt-on aero ring elements. And our RONAL R50 AERO is also available in special versions: On the one hand, in a blue-white with a racing sticker, and on the other in a gold-rim lip diamond cut with a racing sticker and central lock. The RONAL GROUP presents not only a small selection of new colors, technologies and design ideas, but also hopes to gauge the visitors’ favorites. After all, the fashion wheels are already attracting wide interest!

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the RONAL GROUP, this year’s booth features not just one, but three cars: Besides the popular RONAL-cladded BMW “Zetti” that was part of the 24 hour race at Nürburgring, this year we also showcase a Ford Capri RS2600 V6 with the original RS wheels from the year 1969 and a Mercedes E190 from 1988 with RONAL R50 wheels in gold in our anniversary area. All this is rounded off literally with our huge roulette table and professional dealer where visitors can try their luck and win awesome prizes. And last but not least, our dynamic hostess Veronika Klimovits – 2019 Playmate of the year – is available for pictures and autographs over the course of the trade fair.

You will find some first impressions here: