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No company can be equally good at everything – and this also applies to the key issue of sustainability. It is therefore important and helpful to focus attention on this. At the RONAL GROUP we have used a materiality analysis to determine four fields of action in assessments performed with internal and external stakeholders:

  1. Action field of greenhouse gases: We want to cut our CO2 emissions by 50% globally
  2. Action field of industrial health and safety: No industrial accidents
  3. Action field of the workforce: All employees know their development potential and career prospects
  4. Action field of innovative products: To reduce the environmental footprint of our products and wheels

The RONAL GROUP also pursues numerous qualitative sustainability objectives over and above these four key issues. They include continuous expansion of our environment and safety portfolio, our commitment to training and staff development, as well as our aspiration to contribute to greater environmental protection through innovation. In addition to the objectives adopted throughout the company, the individual sites also define their own goals in the framework of the management system and independently monitor whether they are achieved.

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