RONAL GROUP participates in the NASCAR Peak México Series

with the RONAL Racing Team

Date: 17. April 2019

This year, for the first time, the RONAL GROUP subsidiaries in Mexico, acting together with 2b Racing, will be on the starting line as the RONAL Racing Team, sponsoring the NASCAR Peak México Series - and bearing number 50, of course, just right for our 50th anniversary.

The NASCAR Peak Mexico Series championship is the fastestgrowing car racing championship in Mexico and Latin America. 90 teams, in three categories, compete in twelve races. A total of 120 professional drivers participate in 114 cars. The teams in the stock car series get more support from their fans than in any other type of sport. More than 50 million TV viewers demonstrate the popularity of this motor sport spectacle.

The RONAL Racing Team is made up of 40 specialists, with over 20 years of experience and will start with the four drivers Óscar Peralta, Carlos Peralta, Xavi Razo and Elliott Van Rankin. After the first race on March 31 in Monterrey, we talked with our local organization team there in Mexico.

You are sponsoring the NASCAR Championship. Why did you decide to do this?

We are convinced that the best way to achieve outstanding production results is with a first-class team made up of satisfied employees. We checked through various options and eventually hit on the idea of setting up our own team as a way of boosting the sense of team spirit. And since we develop and manufacture wheels, we thought that the best place for us was on the race track. This is why we set up the RONAL Racing Team. We have already worked with NASCAR in the past and the enthusiasm for it just keeps growing.

Will RONAL employees in Mexico be involved? If so, how?

The RONAL Racing Team is much more than a sponsorship agreement. It is a campaign intended to reach all our employees. Our colleagues have two different ways of getting involved in the campaign.

First, the events on the race track. All our employees are invited to support our team on race days, especially if the events are taking place near our production plants. Also, we will be running internal competitions and prize games with VIP hospitality tickets among the prizes. Also, there will be the ‘Crew for a day’ event – an open competition for formal training with the NASCAR crew.

Second, there will also be events away from the race track. The NASCAR Week at RONAL in Mexico will be part of this. For one whole week, we will have simulators on the production site. The winner of our competition will drive against one of our NASCAR pilots. Father’s Day will feature a special event giving our employees the chance to experience at first hand what it is like to sit in a racing car. And on Children’s Day, there will be various different activities to do with NASCAR, as well as opportunities to meet the pilots.

What goals are you aiming at with the sponsorship, apart from good results for the NASCAR team?

Our key goal is boosting the sense of integration and feeling of togetherness among our employees.

Is it pure chance that this sponsorship project is taking place in the year of the RONAL GROUP’s 50th anniversary?

We know that we have only come so far thanks to the support given by our employees. So we think that starting this type of event in our anniversary year is an excellent way of showing what the RONAL GROUP is made of.

‘Crew for a day’ – Can all employees take part or will there be a lottery for places?

First of all, it will be an open invitation to all employees, who will be told what abilities are needed to qualify as a crew member. Once all the applications are in, we will start the training process and will then decide which races they can take part in, depending on how many employees reach the expected standard.

We look forward to an exciting season!