RONAL GROUP employee event

at Nürburgring 24 Hour Race

Date: 12. September 2017

At this year’s racing weekend in the “Green Hell”, 25 employees from the RONAL GROUP sites in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Poland were present not “only” as spectators, but also as active helpers. One of these was Pascal Carrero, who works in the Finance Department in Härkingen, Switzerland. We asked Pascal about his experiences in the 24 Hour Race in a short interview:

Pascal, what was your impression of the event?

Amazing! It was my first time at the Nürburgring, and the 24 Hour Race in particular. The atmosphere was electric; we were able to experience the racing team and the cars at top speed, and received an insight into all areas of the motorsport team – from the workshop to the showroom. What I also found impressive was the relaxed mood around the race track and the camp sites, and the many enthusiastic and creative people with their spectacular tent structures.

So what tasks were you given?

I was part of the wheel team and responsible for managing all sets of tires (three cars each with approximately 40 sets of tires). There were three groups each with four tire changers, each of whom was responsible for one position. I was present at all tire changes and reported to the team leader. I was also able to help out with the wheel changing or took on smaller tasks, e.g. fetching cleaning equipment or finding accessories.

Did you know the team members? How was the cooperation?

We were an international team of about 150 people, who were mostly unknown to each other, as we came from different companies. In the tire team specifically, there were twelve employees. It was a special type of team-building event for us. From day one the sense of belonging was super; everyone worked together and helped each other.

How hard was it for you to stay awake for 24 hours on the trot?

It was absolutely no problem. We spent 42 hours awake in the end, as we had a winner’s party afterwards in the team tent, which we absolutely had to attend. The hardest thing was the three to four hours before the end of the race, which seemed endless. The successful finish gave us renewed energy, however.

What was your highlight during the event?

I particularly remember the starting line-up. We were able to stay on the race track until the last minute, view the cars at close quarters and get to know the drivers and the grid girls. From there we went directly to the box for the first wheel change. I found it gripping from the first second of the 24 Hour Race. The event was a wonderful experience.

We can endorse Pascal’s impressions – and are already looking forward to next year.