RONAL GROUP supports

MainLichtblick e.V.

Date: 21. November 2017

The RONAL GROUP presented the non-profit association MainLichtblick with a set of R62 wheels for their new company car. This will make it even easier to visit sick and traumatized children and make their heart’s desires come true.

MainLichtblick e.V. is a company headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and its mission is to make dreams come true for critically ill, handicapped and traumatized children and adolescents in the region, whether these dreams be large or small. Wonderful experiences are intended to help them manage crises in their difficult everyday lives and give them new cause for joy.

RONAL GmbH in Forst has decided to support this excellent association in its work. It has therefore donated a set of our new RONAL R62 aluminum wheels for MainLichtblick’s new company car, featuring green applications matching the company’s design. Christian Benz (SEAT Frankfurt branch), Patricia Kraus (DRIVER for Pneumobil Reifen und KFZ-Technik GmbH) and our sales manager, Edi Primozic, handed over the car with all best wishes to Sabrina Genic (relationship manager at MainLichtblick) at the drivers’ branch in Frankfurt. We are convinced that this will help make the dreams of many more children a reality.