Six questions for our

wheel designer Alessandro Ghedin

Date: 6. March 2018

We receive designs from our clients for the production of our OEM wheels. Yet who designs the aftermarket rims that we sell under the RONAL and SPEEDLINE CORSE brands? One of these people is Alessandro Ghedin, a wheel designer at our Italian subsidiary.

Alessandro has been working with RONAL GROUP for more than 20 years. We asked him some questions about his work as a wheel designer.

Alessandro, why did you choose this career? What do you particularly like about your work?

My passion for cars and new technologies – including new design software – and the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment, in close contact with our clients. This is how new ideas are generated!

What are your duties and your main challenges as a designer?

I develop new wheel designs for RONAL and SPEEDLINE CORSE. I work actively with OEM clients and support our technical department in reaching the best possible results. My greatest challenges are reconciling aesthetic requirements with technical efficiency and lightness, and constantly coming up with new ideas.

Which SPEEDLINE CORSE and RONAL designs have you created for the aftermarket?

Most recently, I took part in the development of SL6 Vettore, SL7 Gladiatore and the PLANBLUE (R60-blue) project.

Where do you find your ideas and inspiration for new projects?

In general, experience helps a lot. However, for original, new solutions you need to be sensitive to new trends. It is the most complicated part. This is why having young interns and excellent relationships with universities is important to keeping pace with the times.

How long does it take, on average, to create a new design?

It is hard to say. Sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few days. Ideas do not take orders!

Is there a trend in design today?

Designers have to be extreme and unconventional, without giving up elegance. In any event, compliance with environmental protection laws increasingly requires us to adopt extreme solutions to reduce the weight of our wheels, and this often has a concrete effect on the design.