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RONAL R60-blue: This is how we lead the way for a better environment

As tangible proof of our commitment, we have more or less reinvented the wheel! With the RONAL R60-blue wheel, we have set and achieved ambitious sustainability goals.

This makes the wheel not only a perfect ambassador for PLANBLUE but also a pioneer of a new, environmentally-friendly generation of wheels. This wheel is designed to fit vehicles such as the VW Golf GTE Hybrid, e-Golf, Toyota Auris Hybrid, Prius Hybrid, and more. Above all, it is characterized by a 20% lower CO2 emission level during materials manufacturing and production.

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RONAL R70-blue: The world’s first carbon-neutral recycled wheel

The R70-blue is the second sustainable product in our portfolio. During development, we took the cradle-to-cradle approach, which is a regenerative system that uses and reuses resources.

The wheel is produced in Germany using 100% green electricity. It consists of mostly reused aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.

For emissions that cannot be avoided in the production of the RONAL R70-blue, we compensate for all our CO2 emissions with the help of a Gold Standard certified project.

In addition, the R70-blue also covers other environmentally friendly and social aspects. These include ecological packaging containing grass fiber and recycled paper and short transport routes from the German production facility in Landau to the logistic center in Forst.

Our innovative carbon-neutral R70-blue wheel fits a wide range of compact and mid-size models, and is particularly suitable for the new generation of electric and hybrid cars such as the VW ID.3.

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