24-hour cycle race 2019

Date: 26. September 2019

This year, the 16th “Rad am Ring” spectacle, now as legendary as the 24-hour car race, took place at Nürburgring. For the first time ever, we took part in collaboration with our partner Pirelli, with a total of four SPEEDLINE RACING teams.

“Rad am Ring” is all about having fun, bike or not! In 2019, over 9,000 people participated in the event at Nürburgring in various disciplines (race for all, MTB marathon, kids race, e-bike race, etc.). Several cycling fans from the RONAL GROUP also partook: In collaboration with partner Pirelli, two 4-person and two 8-person teams met at the starting line as SPEEDLINE RACING, facing off in the “24-hour cycle race.”

Our colleagues from various locations in Germany, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland arrived on Friday, July 26. Besides a tour of the track, participants received team clothing and were treated to a relaxing dinner.

After an obligatory briefing, the green light was given at 12:42 on Saturday. Unfortunately, it soon began to rain, joined by fog during the night… but our colleagues kept on pedaling! One lap later (approx. 26 km), the teams swapped out cyclists. Members of the 8-person groups even had time to lay down. Over the course of the race, refreshment stations were set up at different points. Our participants were also able to recover and rest in the VIP lounge offered by our partner PP Group. The cycling spectacle was rounded off by a lively entertainment program, including music and an expo where around 70 companies showed off their latest bike-related products.

At midday on Sunday came the long awaited finish. Results were analyzed based on team type as well as average age of all members of a group.

See how our SPEEDLINE RACING teams did below:

4-person teams:

  • 635 teams in total
  • SPEEDLINE RACING 3 team: 197th place overall, 64th place in their age class
  • SPEEDLINE RACING 4 team: 213th place overall, 72nd place in their age class

8-person teams:

  • 108 teams in total
  • SPEEDLINE RACING 1 team: 56th place overall, 21st place in their age class
  • SPEEDLINE RACING 2 team: 10th place overall, 4th place in their age class

The award ceremony took place at 2:30 p.m. on the stage in the drivers’ paddock. Afterwards, several of our colleagues from the region said their farewells, while others stayed for dinner. It was once again an excellent event, filled not only with physical effort, but also with cheerfulness, fun and team spirit among employees from the different locations.

We raise our hat to all the colleagues that rose to the challenge!