RONAL GROUP establishes range

for campers and caravans

Date: 3. February 2022
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What many don’t know: The RONAL GROUP offers not only aluminum wheels for cars, buses and trucks, but also for campers, caravans and vans, ranking among the world’s largest manufacturers in this area.

Camping is currently all the rage: With a motorhome you are always at home no matter where you go, always close by, always in the thick of things. This is the motto of camper and caravan owners. As individualists, they go their own ways and also often expand or modify their companions themselves. And all of them place great demands on their vehicles in terms of quality, riding comfort and maximum safety – and on their wheels.

But compared to car wheels, with camper vehicles and caravans it’s about more than just an attractive design – but above all the technical details. This is because products for motorhomes and commercial vehicles must have a much higher load-bearing capacity, be robustly built and at the same time lightweight. All our RONAL wheels meet these requirements and are manufactured in Europe under strict testing specifications and in OEM quality. Caravan and camper wheels from RONAL are therefore not only the perfect styling element for motorhome owners, but are also used by body manufacturers and vehicle builders to realize special conversions at the weight limit.

Another advantage of RONAL aluminum wheels is that, unlike with steel wheels, they are lighter weight and can help reduce wear on the wheel suspension and shock absorbers due to the lower unsprung masses. Aluminum as a material also dissipates braking heat several times faster than steel.

The RONAL GROUP is one of the largest producers of aluminum wheels for campers and caravans, which have been in use among body manufacturers and vehicle builders for many years. In this submarket, the company is also active in the aftermarket. Numerous products of the SPEEDLINE TRUCK brand round off the range for motorhomes based on trucks.

Our RONAL range for campers, caravans and vans includes, among others, the two designs RONAL R64 and RONAL R57 and is being continuously expanded. For more information: