Anyone who has completed sound professional training at the RONAL GROUP will find many doors open to them in their career. We continuously invest in modern teaching methods and qualified instructors, because we understand that our trainees of today are the specialists of tomorrow. Here we do not just set great store by your professional training. We believe that developing your personality is also important, so you understand yourself better and realize what you can do.

Of course, we get to know all trainees in person to make sure we can look after and assist them individually. We aim to recognize the special qualities of each person and help them develop their abilities to optimal effect.

And something else that is important: At our company you learn how to take responsibility early on, and also how to manage interpersonal and social relationships, in addition to dealing with issues relating to business and general education. If you share our key corporate values such as respect, appreciation and trust, you will be encouraged and challenged at our company. And if we seem to be a good match, you will be ideally prepared to take over a wide range of tasks on completion of your training.

Traineeships with the RONAL GROUP offer many benefits:

  • Integrated approach to training
  • Multicultural, international environment
  • High quality standards
  • Strong practical focus and integration within the company
  • Combination of modern and traditional work methods and production processes
  • Training based on specialist, method-related, social and personal skills