The comprehensive professional training provided by RONAL GROUP opens up a whole world of career possibilities. We understand that the trainees of today are the specialists of tomorrow, which is why we never stop investing in the latest teaching methods and highly experienced instructors. But we’re not only interested in your professional training – we’re also firm believers in personal growth so that you can understand yourself better and appreciate your full potential.

The best way for us to mentor our trainees properly and provide the tailored support they need is to make sure we get to know them all personally. After all, every personality is different, so it’s essential for us to recognize this when developing people’s individual skill sets.

And here’s another thing: We teach you how to take responsibility early on. You’ll learn how to manage interpersonal and social relationships, and also deal with issues relating to business and general education. So, if you share our commitment to respect, appreciation, and trust, and if everything clicks between you and us, then you’ll be challenged, supported, and perfectly primed to take on a variety of tasks after completing your apprenticeship.

Traineeships with the RONAL GROUP offer many benefits:

  • Integrated approach to training
  • Multicultural, international environment
  • High quality standards
  • Strong practical focus and integration within the company
  • Combination of modern and traditional work methods and production processes
  • Training based on specialist, method-related, social and personal skills