Vision and mission statement


We make the best wheels in the world

Our objectives are long-term and are geared towards sustainability. State-of-the-art production facilities allow us to achieve continuous and lasting growth so that we can consolidate our market position further with first-rate products. This is always with a view towards being the best, with a real passion for wheels.

We operate worldwide for our customers, yet act as a local supplier on the ground – flexible and customer-oriented. We are looking to be the preferred supplier for our customers around the world in the long term.

Our communication and decision-making pathways are short: customer requests are taken on board and implemented directly by the specialist departments. In the process, we nurture a modern and open management style to promote the development of our personnel worldwide.


The basis of our success

Sustainable values

The products of the RONAL GROUP create value for both customers and our company. The full commitment of the business is aimed at achieving economic success, and with it sustainable growth. We act with an awareness of cost, make optimum use of available resources, and avoid waste.

Customer focus

Our activity revolves around the requirements of customers. Their trust relies on our expertise and experience. High levels of flexibility and quality are our strengths. We thus also measure success through the enthusiasm shown by customers for the products of the RONAL GROUP.

Focus on staff

Our employees are our most vital asset. Personal and professional development represents a core aspect of our mutual success. Together we are taking responsibility for the future and ensuring the work we do centers around our teams and values.

Innovative strengths

Customers benefit from our innovations, which we encourage in every department and at every level. We invest major resources in the continuous optimization of processes. We live and breathe innovation to meet the requirements of customers and safeguard the future of our business.


Our corporate philosophy revolves around quality. No efforts are spared in our quest for uncompromising top quality.

Environmental awareness

We respect and protect our environment, make efficient use of resources, comply with legislation, reduce emissions and improve safety for everyone involved.

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A high-performance multicultural team

The RONAL GROUP provides an attractive and challenging workplace for employees from all over the world. We are keen to cultivate a modern, situational style of leadership as well as an open and value-oriented approach to our interactions with each other.


We strive for personal and professional development and motivate each other to be the best we can be. We give our employees responsibility and equip them with the skills and abilities they need. International teamwork is a crucial aspect of our success.


We offer our employees appropriate development opportunities and actively support them on their way to achieving their personal goals.


The RONAL GROUP fosters a culture of integration at all levels and does not tolerate discrimination on any grounds whatsoever. As an international company, diversity is not only a matter of course, but also a key contributor to our success.

Leadership attributes

The RONAL GROUP encourages and challenges its employees and leaders.



Leaders inspire employees and act with both integrity and authenticity.



Leaders listen attentively, promote team spirit, and foster a culture of constructive feedback.



Leaders communicate objectives and take an active approach to supporting employees as they implement them.