Besides our focus on the customer and our passion for wheels, innovation and quality are two pillars of the success enjoyed by the RONAL GROUP. Stringent standards also form part of our corporate philosophy as far as development and production are concerned – at all levels and throughout all processes.

To ensure continuous, no-compromise top quality, we make all necessary resources available here. This allows us to manufacture first-class wheels at our high-tech production plants in line with the latest standards. Our sites operate a certified quality and environmental management systems, with some also certified to the ISO 50001 energy management standard.

Furthermore, every employee is wholly committed to applying maximum effort, both in terms of administration and operations, from the first to the final contact with the customer.

The development process – top quality right from the start

Continuous quality planning and validation is standard at the RONAL GROUP, right from the initial design concept to the finished wheel. Above all, we benefit from our years of experience in developing wheels for all major car manufacturers here. Modern simulation techniques enable us to identify potential for improvement at an early stage. We also validate design and product quality throughout the development process at specific milestones, using cutting-edge test equipment in our own laboratories. We ensure compliance with TISAX® specifications in the process.

The production process – top quality right to the finish

To live up to our standards, we always produce our casting tools in-house in our toolmaking department. Continuous monitoring of process-specific and product-specific features throughout the manufacturing process enables us to comply with the stringent standards applied by car producers.

Key quality characteristics are checked on each wheel using high-tech test equipment, with certain tests being performed automatically during the production process (e.g. X-ray examination, testing for imbalance/leakage) and by highly qualified specialists in our own modern test labs. A certified quality management system is likewise applied throughout the group at all sites.