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the “Don’t Touch Racing” Team

Date: 23. June 2020
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Success requires passion, trust, appreciation and respect. These are the pillars of our corporate culture, and our collaboration with “Don’t Touch Racing”. This year, we will once again sponsor the German “Don’t Touch Racing” truck race team with wheels. Right now, the races are still taking place on animated tracks in the simulator as the “ETRC Digital Racing Challenge”, but the season is officially set to kick-off in “real life” on August 29 in Most, Czech Republic.

We interviewed Sven Walter, the boss of the “Don’t Touch Racing” team.

How did preparations go? Where have you made changes, and where have you stuck to proven concepts?

Preparations went brilliantly, we are right on schedule. We received a new design for the truck, so we had to completely rebuild the driver’s cab. Plus, the truck got all new brakes. The engine and transmission were overhauled and are now fit for the new season. On top of that, we got a new trailer that we had to paint, and also installed a few minor upgrades. As for wheels, we have stuck with our proven SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels (SLT 2887 BM), the same ones we had last year! There was only one change to the team: We have a new chef, Tobias.

How did you keep the team’s passion and trust high despite all the uncertainties?

We’re a strong team that sticks together so we are optimistic that we will still be able to compete this year and secure some wins or at least land on the podium. In the meantime, we’ve been taking pictures of the current status of the work on the truck. We had our first rollout in mid-May and the entire team was there. It was awesome to see the result – definitely a motivator that gives us reason to hope for a good season!

You use our light alloy forged wheels from SPEEDLINE TRUCK. What role do wheels play in a race? Which properties are important and what makes you trust SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels?

The wheels play a huge role. Weight and sturdiness are crucial for us. SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheels have proven time and again that when we make contact or have accidents on the track, we don’t suffer any wheel damage because of a broken rim or whatnot. The durability and performance of SPEEDLINE TRUCK aluminum wheels are outstanding.

What are your goals for the 2020 racing season?

The goal for 2020 is to be able to compete in at least four to five races and deliver excellent results.

Do you have any other exciting information you’d like to share with us?

Since May 16, we have been presenting our new design on our “Dont Touch Racing” Facebook page, on and on Instagram (@donttouchracing and #donttouchracing) – stop by and take a look!

Information on the wheels used in truck racing:

“Don’t Touch Racing” relies on SLT 2887 BM wheels in the size 22.5×9.00 inches with ET 151 and 10-hole mounting. Featuring a maximum load bearing capacity of 4,250 kg, the wheels are the best in their class and are extremely durable despite weighing only 25.6 kg per wheel. The special Diamond high-gloss polish keeps them looking good.

The best of luck to “Don’t Touch Racing” for the remaining virtual races and the shortened season in the real world!

André Kursim