Alron receives praise from

Portuguese energy supplier EDP

Date: 9. January 2018
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Alron Lda, our toolmaking site of the RONAL GROUP in Cantanhede (Portugal), came in for a special mention at the 17th award ceremony of the energy supplier EDP, recognition corresponding to third place.

This prize is awarded by the Portuguese energy supplier EDP every three years under the motto “greater efficiency, better environment”. The award pays tribute to projects which focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection, but also for example on ensuring improved work conditions for staff. This year 222 companies from all over Portugal took part in three categories: Industrial enterprises with electricity consumption of 1.5 GWh (i.e. including Alron), Industrial enterprises with electricity consumption exceeding1.5 GWh and Service-providers.

With its entry Alron offered the following improvements:

  • More daylight in the production hall thanks to
    • Opaline thermopanels (translucent roof panels)
    • Sunpipes (tubes with prisms, designed to diffuse daylight)
    • Translucent façade renewal
  • Insulation of the south facade and roof
  • Dimmable LED lighting in the production plant and offices
  • Replacement of diesel-powered fork lifts with electric trucks
  • Replacement of compressor and installation of a heatrecovery system (water heating)

We are proud to receive this tribute to our efforts from EDP and will continue to do our very best to bring about further improvements for the benefit of the environment.

From left to right: Joaquim Correia Teixeira (engineer, former Director of Commercial Management and current Board representative at EDP Distribuição), João Romão (Head of Maintenance and IT Alron), Dra. Helena Teodósio, Mayor of Cantanhede, Andreas Dusold (MD Alron), Nuno Santos (Head of Toolmaking RON AG)