Environmentally friendly motor racing

at the annual executive board meeting

Date: 7. November 2018
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A special event was held in Bern at the end of September as part of this year’s meeting of the executive board members from all our sites: a special motor racing event – with 0% CO2 emissions.

On the third day of the annual meeting, eleven teams were tasked with building a drivable car. The special thing about it? Each team received a PLANBLUE bag containing PET bottles and paper-cardboard rolls as well as colored adhesive labels, drinking straws and rubber bands, etc. The vehicles were to be crafted using this recycled material. All of the cars made were then subjected to a drivability test. Of course, there were also attractive prizes for the best ones: the car that drove the farthest distance, or the car with the most attractive design. There were even two winners in the second category. It proved to be a thoroughly successful race, all within the spirit of our PLANBLUE sustainability concept!