Dual apprenticeship

in Mexico

Date: 26. September 2017

For a few European countries, a dual apprenticeship (attending a vocational training school while at the same time doing practical work in a company) is not unusual. However, in the majority of countries across the world this type of employee development and knowledge transfer is rather unknown.

We at the RONAL GROUP are convinced of the value of this dual training and are therefore promoting it worldwide. Our pilot project, the “Dual Training Program” is running in our Production Department in Querétaro, Mexico, since the 2016/17 financial year.

Over an 18-month period, six young people in the nearby technical training center for electromechanics are trained in the topics of materials science, design, mathematics and production processes. This teaching takes place on two days of the week. From Monday to Wednesday the apprentices work in our factory, where they put theory into practice. They also learn how to set up and operate the production equipment.

The young people are very committed to this project and make rapid progress. Personal development also motivates them enormously and gives them a fresh outlook on their future.