Tattooed SLT wheel presented

to the winner of our IAA raffle

Date: 14. February 2019

September 20-27, 2018 SPEEDLINE TRUCK, the RONAL GROUP’s truck wheel brand, exhibited its products at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Our trade show visitors who took a voluntary survey had the chance to win a SPEEDLINE TRUCK wheel engraved by wheel tattoo artist Eddy Schuster. The exclusive prize has now been presented.

The big day arrived on February 11: Uwe Springer, SPEEDLINE TRUCK Sales Manager, presented the engraved SLT 2907. The lucky winner of our raffle was truck driver Reiner Lübke, who works at Hövelmann Logistik GmbH & Co. KG in Rees (Germany). The company employs 700 people at three main locations.

The truck driver’s attention was brought to our SPEEDLINE TRUCK brand at our stand at the IAA as a result of the tattoo campaign by Austrian Edmund Schuster, who is the first individual in Europe to specialize in engraving truck wheels. “I think the idea is great, and the result is exceptionally beautiful to look at,” Lübke declared at the presentation of his prize. “Of course, as a driver you’d like to be allowed to drive on your own personally designed wheels,” he added with a wink. Boss and managing director Bernd Hövelmann is pleased along with his employee over this special prize. Naturally, consideration has already been given to what should be done with the extraordinary wheel: “We plan on exhibiting it in the meeting room – we might even make a table out of it, too!”

Photo (left to right): Uwe Springer (SLT), winner Reiner Lübke and Bernd Hövelmann