Employee Assistance Program

Date: 26. May 2021

Human capital is definitely the most important thing for the RONAL GROUP. One of our main concerns as a company is the well-being of our workers and their families. An example of this is the new benefit that was implemented at RONAL Querétaro, called the Employee Assistance Program (PAE).

What is the PAE?

The PAE will offer specialized consulting for our employees regarding medical, psychological, financial, nutritional, legal and veterinary matters. The purpose is to provide appropriate guidance to employees for challenging situations of everyday life.

The PAE is a completely free, confidential and unlimited benefit to which our workers have access as from their first day at the RONAL GROUP. And best of all, their families will also be able to enjoy all the advantages that form a part of the program.


On Friday, 23 April, we dressed in PAE colors to officially launch this new Employee Assistance Program at RONAL Querétaro.

We had the chance to approach our workers and clear up their doubts about the benefit and how to take advantage of it. We gave out small gifts and an informative card for relatives, designed to provide information about using the PAE services from home as well.

With these types of initiatives, we strive to help our people fulfil their objectives and improve not only their own quality of life but also that of their families, as well as motivate their growth at the RONAL GROUP. We hope that many employees will take advantage of this new benefit!