RONAL GmbH Landau

celebrates its 30th anniversary

Date: 17. July 2018

Our plant in Landau, which went into operation in 1988, is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. As in every company, the success of the RONAL GROUP depends on the commitment of its staff – and this is most appreciated!

Without the active dedication of our colleagues in every area, we would be unable to make our high-quality aluminum wheels. Some of our staff have been with us here in Landau from the very first day and have remained loyal right up to the present, which makes us very proud. As a representative of this group, we would like to use this article to introduce Erwin (66), Manager of Group Production Quality, and to thank him and all our colleagues in Landau for their commitment.

Erwin, when did you join RONAL GmbH? Why did you apply to the Landau site at that time?

Spring 1988 saw the inauguration of the second RONAL factory in Germany. There was a report about it in the newspaper. It sparked my interest because at the time I was planning to change direction in my career. In my former employment I worked in a material testing and quality assurance facility for sound dampers. These consist of various materials, welded seams and other components, my thinking was that an aluminum wheel is made up of a material and a component and would therefore present no problem in terms of design and materials technology. So I applied and got the job. However, I rapidly discovered that producing an aluminum wheel isn’t quite as easy as I thought. But once I’d realized this, it was too late: I was hooked on RONAL and there was no going back.

What does the anniversary mean for you?

This is my 30th anniversary at RONAL as well. I’m always asking myself where the time has gone. I’ve spent a very large part of my life at RONAL and I’ve also experienced the development of the RONAL GROUP at close hand since 1988. That’s why it’s very important to me.

What does the post of Manager of Group Production Quality at RONAL GmbH entail?

My role is extremely wide-ranging and varied. All possible metallurgical analyses and surface tests are carried out in the materials testing laboratory as part of the internal projects and those for RONAL GROUP customers. For example, designing internal benchmark studies and the analysis of damaged parts are always interesting areas.

What do you particularly like about your work? What has motivated you over the years to remain loyal to RONAL GmbH?

I particularly like working in this varied environment in an international company. It’s not always been easy to get the job done but what is ever simple and easy? The new challenges I’ve frequently been faced with and growing demands have motivated me time and again.

Have you had a particular experience in all the years at RONAL GmbH that you like to remember or which bonds you particularly with the company?

Every new day is a special experience; it brings new challenges, knowledge and sometimes disappointment. However, because I’m motivated, the positive moments and memories outnumber the others. Having very many experiences over almost 30 years has resulted in an unbreakable bond with the company.

What do you like to do to relax in your spare time?

I’m in the fortunate position in that my work is also my hobby. However, that’s not all I do. I’ve always been enthusiastic about photography and filming events. And I’m passionate about listening to music on vinyl. I like a range of music, from heavy metal to hard rock, singer-songwriters, indie and also classical music.

The group photo above shows all the colleagues who have been with us since day 1 (joined before 12/31/1988).

RONAL plant Landau 1988