Winter get-together for the cycling group from Landau and Forst

Date: 27. February 2020
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In 2017, we launched our Bike2RONAL campaign as part of PLANBLUE, where employees from all locations could collect kilometers by commuting to work the environmentally friendly way, on inline skates, on foot, by electric automobile or using public transportation. Last September, the project was reorganized and started back up under the name RONWAY.

Participants can register for RONWAY as teams or individuals at all RONAL GROUP locations. Often, the result is a special team spirit among colleagues who happen to have other activities in common as well.

Our members of the cycling group from Landau and Forst (RONAL GmbH) meet twice a year, for example: While they cycle to the beach bar on the Rhine in the summer, the winter meet-up is a cultural event followed up by dinner. Our colleague Susanne looks back at this year’s winter event:

“The meet-up took place in Germersheim, halfway between Landau and Forst, on February 13, 2020. What’s special about this city is that it’s actually a well-preserved fortress.

Dressed in historical attire, a city guide gave us a “Lantern tour” explaining the history of the city of Germersheim and its fortress. The motto of the day was teamwork, and our task was to illustrate the different principles of defense of a fortress.

It was no wonder that we got to exercise our laughing muscles (and not our calves)! The tour went from Weissenburger Tor to Fronte Becker via Luitpoldplatz. The lanterns (which used to be filled with whale oil, today lit using energy-saving LED bulbs) shone in the underground gangways (casemates) – quite creepy and very extensive, almost labyrinth-like!


We were glad to resurface about 400 m later. And we certainly earned ourselves a tasty meal at a Greek restaurant.

Once again, it was an excellent meet-up that allowed us to see our colleagues in a different setting. Now we just have to wait for spring so we can get back to cycling – to a good year of biking in 2020!”

To us, all the colleagues who participated are winners, as they make a valuable contribution to reducing our CO2 footprint as part of our PLANBLUE sustainability concept – representing both our ecological and social responsibility.