World Environment Day: RONAL IBÉRICA plants

50 trees to mark 50 years of RONAL GROUP

Date: 7. August 2019
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This autumn, our second plant in Teruel, Spain, is celebrating its bicentenary. One of our colleagues suggested a special way to mark the occasion on World Environment Day, an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme.

In celebration of World Environment Day, some of our RONAL IBÉRICA employees planted trees near the new plant in Platea. Around 25 of the company’s staff took part with their families. Everybody worked together to plant 50 pine trees for the 50th anniversary of RONAL GROUP, which will be celebrated across all locations this year.

The decisive factor in choosing pines was that they are evergreen trees, which avoids any issues with falling leaves at the factories.

It was one of the plant’s employees, Félix Gómez, who came up with the idea for the tree planting campaign; he wrote it down and posted it in the plant’s suggestions box, where staff are encouraged to put forward improvements. “I often arrive by bike and one day it struck me that the surroundings would be improved by planting some trees,” he explains with a shovel in hand.

The initiative was received very positively by the management, especially as it reflects the RONAL GROUP’s commitment to the environment; this is described in our holistic sustainability concept PLANBLUE, which includes concrete goals and obligations for waste reduction and more efficient use of energy and water.