Our view of the future

The concept behind the Energy Wheel is “energy harvesting”. During the trip, a generator automatically generates energy and stores it in a battery. No maintenance is required as the battery does not require replacement or recharging.

An LED lighting system with high efficiency and durability is installed in the gaps between the wheel spokes. The LEDs are powered by energy from the battery and can light up orange while driving. When the automobile is stationary, other colors are also permissible. The energy source can also provide power for operation of sensors.

The technology of “energy harvesting” allows high visibility and attracts attention. If also offers many color and design options. There exist a wide range of potential applications, such as illumination of the gaps between the wheel spokes, the inner wheel base or emblems in the hub. Further applications of the LED system include warning systems for emergency vehicles such as the police, fire brigade or ambulance service. The LEDs can also conceivably act as brake lights, turn signal lights or lateral marker lights.

The Energy Wheel concept is the subject of a patent application by the RONAL GROUP.