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For everyone who likes their wheels to look special, there is a mirror finish that seems to have been polished. Looks like polish is created by applying three layers of a very fine coating with a thickness in the µ range.

This innovative process starts with a powder base coat, followed by the environmentally friendly Looks like polish powder coating, and finished off with a transparent, high-performance top coat. This ensures that wheels featuring Looks like polish enjoy the same optimum protection as others with a three-coat finish. The main advantage of this innovative process is firstly that it is more cost-effective than polished wheels. Secondly, wheels with Looks like polish are more resistant to corrosion, including filiform corrosion, which occurs under certain climatic conditions.

This special mirror finish represents an impressive innovation from the RONAL GROUP, not just due to the product benefits listed above, but also given that, in comparison with real polishing, Looks like polish is a more energy-efficient and resource-efficient process with lower CO2 emissions.