RONAL IBÉRICA is awarded the

"Gold Seal" for excellence

Date: 5. June 2019

With this award, the government of the Spanish autonomous community of Aragón certifies that RONAL IBÉRICA has achieved more than 500 points in the European excellence model. For our Spanish subsidiary, this is the admission ticket to an exclusive club of only 15 companies to have been awarded this seal.

The accolade confirms that good work is performed in each and every single area and process of the company. It is the highest award that RONAL IBÉRICA can gain at national level, and naturally it is the company’s aim to maintain this standard.

Dominik Wiederhold, managing director of RONAL IBÉRICA, accepted the award last November. At the formal ceremony, granting the award for corporate excellence for the 22nd time, companies, organizations and schools in the ‘Large company’, ‘Small and medium-sized company’ and ‘Not-for-profit company’ categories were honored. Under the title, ‘Excellence in the year 2018’, there was also a round table talk with Dominik Wiederhold and representatives of other companies and associations. In this forum, he summarized the strategy of the company as follows: “The essential thing is to put our customers at the center of everything we do. We exist and produce because customers want to have our products and this is what we concentrate on in our work.” Continuing in this vein, he also stressed that “employees are the company’s most important asset, and that consideration for the environment and the desire to give something back to society  is something the company is also passionate about.

What criteria are taken into account for the award?

All areas are audited in detail – from Purchasing, through Production, Marketing, Finance, Training and Further Training and Customer Relations to Human Resources. Other aspects taken into consideration are the degree and development of industrialization, automation and digitization and the proper management of information.

In its auditing procedures leading to the award of this seal of excellence, the regional government attaches particular importance to two areas: firstly, to the strategy adopted for personnel management. Improvements in management skills and team management are honored here, where they are intended to improve the development of these skills. Secondly, special prominence is given to social responsibility, which RONAL IBÉRICA demonstrates by supporting sports events and clubs, by making a contribution to the Banco de Alimentos (food bank), which collects donations of food and distributes them to those in need, and through its involvement in organizations such as the Spanish association for cancer research.

Environmental protection programs such as PLANBLUE, and all the measures introduced to increase sustainability, were also important factors in this award – for example, the fact that the energy used by RONAL IBÉRICA is one hundred percent green energy. Special attention is also given to waste management and heat recovery in the production plant.

The award is firmly anchored in the ‘Plan for corporate excellence’ of the autonomous community of Aragón. Its goal is to give organizations guidance on introducing and establishing excellence by means of a fully personalized process. The plan creates the opportunity for a company to find out the level at which its own management is operating, to think seriously about key aspects, and to boost the image of the company and motivation of employees. A final report makes recommendations for planning and designing future actions.

RONAL IBÉRICA had already received an award in 2013 in the ‘Large company’ category. Now, with the Gold Seal, it has attained the highest level of recognition with the maximum number of points in an audit, confirming its efficient management and total control of processes. Congratulations!