RONAL Mexico belongs to

"Socially responsible companies"

Date: 5. June 2023

At RONAL Mexico, we strive to ensure that our governing mission and values extend throughout our value chain, both inside and outside our doors. We are constantly seeking to ensure that our product, process and strategy leave an impact on each individual who is part of our company: employees, customers, suppliers and also the community. In this way, we are strengthened as an integrated team.

Throughout the history of RONAL San Luis and RONAL Querétaro, very important projects and implementations have been carried out, while always focusing on the well-being of all these stakeholders.

For this reason, over the last few months we have been striving to concentrate all these good practices in order to consolidate our position as a Socially Responsible Company, and we have succeeded! We have now been SRC certified by CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy), in both RONAL Mexico plants.

In order to receive this recognition, we were evaluated by CEMEFI in 5 areas:

  • Responsible management of the company
  • Quality of life in the company
  • Care and preservation of the environment
  • Community outreach
  • Business ethics

Thanks to all the Ronal employees (“Ronalistas”) who, with their daily work, make it possible for us to be a Socially Responsible Company, as the work of each one of you has a direct or indirect impact on all the indicators in which we were evaluated. Thanks also to the members of the Social Responsibility Committee at both sites.

Our commitment continues along the same path; we are focused on promoting social, environmental and economic actions to convey the objectives we have set as a company and the great responsibility to generate positive impacts in all our areas of action.

With the Socially Responsible Company label we confirm that the RONAL GROUP incorporates the principles and policies of sustainable social development in its work schemes, growth plans and internal policies.