Specialists and managers

Further training



Constantly developing knowledge and experience, perhaps discovering unimagined qualities and putting newly acquired skills into practice, generally presents great enrichment for employees at both a professional and personal level. Because we realize this, staff development is very important at the RONAL GROUP. A whole range of individual options are open to you here. We offer management training if you are interested in working at executive level, as well as courses if you are looking to specialize or become a project manager.

At Ronal, managers and employees regularly get together to discuss performance and conduct. They also compare their individual requirements with the range of further training and courses available. If you have a special talent to offer, we will assist with your development. You will then be ideally prepared to take over a top-level position in the future. To ensure every employee can take advantage of individual further training, there are a wide range of in-house courses available at RONAL, as well as specific external in-service training programs.

Whenever a management position becomes vacant in any department, we prefer to fill it with our own junior staff. This calls for careful planning and the detailed preparation of potential candidates for the vacancy in order to ensure a smooth transition for the new occupant of the role.