Technical development



A well-qualified process team takes sole charge of the numerical calculations that allow the RONAL GROUP to produce complex wheel designs optimized with regard to weight, castability and service life. With these calculations and simulations we are able to satisfy even the most stringent quality requirements of our products while reducing development times to a minimum.

The calculations take account of many different traffic situations and behaviors, from driving in a straight line and negotiating bends, through pre-existing defects and circumstances after accidents, to misuse or material fatigue. Two elements are of key importance here: When optimizing components, computer technology is used to remove material at points where it is not required for strength so as to reduce weight. But a wheel still has to be “castable”, i.e. it can be produced in large volumes without high scrap levels and using short cycles. This is why a casting simulation always takes place here. Before making the casting tools, the casting process is demonstrated with its temperature and solidification curve, using a highly complex simulation. It is then evaluated by specialized staff and optimized where necessary.