Corporate culture

Our Corporate Values

Our basis for joint commitment


  • We show emotions, enthusiasm and create value for our customers.
  • We are proud of our mission, our product and our company.
  • We show personal commitment and achieve concrete results.
  • We actively think and support each other.



  • We maintain an honest, direct approach to each other and consider constructive feedback as an opportunity for improvement.
  • We rely on our experience, our knowledge and our abilities and are constantly developing.
  • We see errors as an opportunity for optimization and communicate openly about it.
  • We trust and support each other.



  • We are open to other cultures and different ways of thinking and we respect them.
  • We want to exchange experience and knowledge in order to learn and benefit together.
  • We behave respectfully, act responsibly and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We support informal contacts and promote mutual communication.



  • We acknowledge and congratulate you on your achievements.
  • We let each other talk and respect what has been said.
  • We take the opposite seriously and show an appreciative attitude.
  • We express our appreciation by treating everyone equally.



Aspects of the value “Entrepreneurship”

  • We demonstrate ownership and personal responsibility by making clear decisions.
  • We commit ourselves to achieving positive results by reaching our targets.
  • We show a positive can-do attitude and get things done.
  • We demonstrate flexibility by adapting to a modern work environment and market requirements.
  • We are convinced of our ability to navigate change.
  • We accept and manage uncertainty in our field of business.
  • We are open for new ideas, challenge and implement them if they fit.
  • We manage risks and explore new ideas accordingly.
  • We share and implement the knowledge we have gained.