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What is the point of environmental friendliness in theory if it does not live up to our high demands on practical functionality? None at all.

With continuous improvements and numerous projects implemented, such as new heat treatment plants or pilot projects for the use of waste heat at the melting furnaces, we are already achieving significant savings in energy requirements. In the future, numerous other projects are planned that will increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions of climate-relevant carbon dioxide. The same applies to the environment: Here, too, we will save even more water in production and avoid waste in the future.

We present two sustainability projects below that have already been implemented:

1. Energy project – generating electricity in-house

We produce our own electricity using our combined heat and power plant in Mexico and our photovoltaic systems in Germany and Switzerland. Another photovoltaic system is being planned at our Portugal location.

Electricity produced in-house for the 2022/23 financial year: 47,300 MWh

2. Environment project – focus on waste and water

During the manufacturing process of our wheels, various types of waste are generated, including aqueous waste. An ongoing pilot project uses evaporation technology to allow the water present in the waste to evaporate, thus reducing the volume of waste. In the future, it will be possible to use the distilled water again in production by condensing the resulting water vapor.

This has already reduced waste by 75% (cooling lubricants and water with greases) and cut disposal costs.

3. RONAL IBÉRICA sustainability improvement plan

RONAL IBÉRICA SAU has developed the project with file number 23/032-002, with the objective of improving the sustainability of the company through actions that improve energy efficiency and increase the level of environmental protection and which has been supported in the call of aid for business investment projects that promote an environmentally sustainable economic model in the province of Teruel subsidized by the Government of Spain and the Government of Aragon from the Teruel Investment Fund, for an amount granted of  € 1,451,426.79.